Friday, 13 August 2010

Cows are cool, Lucy!

Nearby where we live there are farms. Yes, Norway is like this. You don't need to go far to find farmland and...cows. So, there is an area where I like to take the dogs for a walk which is a place like this. I call it "Tuscany" because of the green fields. In sunny days it reminds me of Tuscany.

Whenever the cows are loose and we have to pass by them, I walk fast and many times the dogs are behind me. Birk is careful and walks very close to me, but Lucy, she gets stuck and does not dare to pass where there is a cow looking at her. And when she stops, the cows get even more curious and start approaching to see "what is going on". Today was another such day. I managed to take a few pictures with my mobile phone.

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