Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Car trips

I have been away. It's not easy to always be inspired to write on a Blog if you do not have something really inspiring to say. Things always happen, days go by and we are all rotating or going forward, who knows? :) Anyway, I wanted to talk about the dog seat I bought some time ago for my yorkies. Birk loves to go on car trips, but Lucy is still...a child :) She is everywhere in the car. She can't relax like Birk does. The chair seems to be nice though. It is high enough for them to be able to see out the window. Birk, however, has chosen to take a nap so far whenever we are driving. Have a look at the shots! :)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Holes in My Yorkie Backyard :)

Yes, I have read everywhere that yorkies are natural diggers and this I have had the chance to experience many times here in our backyard! What a drag that is! :) I thought Birk would grow out of it, that this was a puppy thing, but look at the photos!

Lucy also enjoys it tremendously! Before Lucy's arrival we had lots of holes in our garden, now, multiply that by two! The drawback is, we have to prevent them from being free in our large grass garden or at least to be there unsupervised.

Is there anything one can do to stop that? Any "recipe"? :) How do your yorkies behave in your gardens?

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Birk - 4,5kg - too heavy?

I have been trying to find out if my Birk boy is too heavy. We have noticed that after he was castrated his appetite improved considerably. But, some other factors might have influenced.

Since after his operation in January, for example, we have been having a harsh winter, which means no looong walks with him. In December, we bought Lucy and he became very interested in her puppy food (Royal Canine). Now it seems that Lucy's puppy food is the best food on earth and he always manages to eat a little of it everyday. I feed him 60 grams of Royal Canine Junior twice a day. He still eats Junior because he does not like the adult food. He also became one year old last February.

Have a look at the slide show above and tell me what you think? Does he need to go on a diet? :)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Outside photos, finally!

The weather is beginning (very slowly) to get better in our part of the world. Yesterday, Sunday, it started out bad, with snow. Then, in the afternoon, sun!! We thought it could be a good chance for a different walk (warmer) with the dogs and there we went. But, a freezing wind was blowing. Too bad. Anyway, we got the chance for a few nice outside photos with Birk and Lucy. See below!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Vaccination against rabies.

Today Birk and Lucy have been vaccinated against rabies. Here in Norway as I wrote earlier, this is a different process. The vaccine is given twice, with a space of 4 weeks in between the two vaccines and 4 months later a blood test is carried out to make sure the vaccine really worked. After that we can travel happily around Europe with our beloved yorkies and enjoy different landscapes! At the same time, the vet weighed them both. Lucy is 1.950kg and Birk 4.500kg!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Team Rogaland - Yorkie day!

Below I mentioned the Team Bergen, that supports Julie's work and do things together, organise encounters and other stuff. I know the yorkie owners and yorkie lovers in the Oslo area organise yorkie meetings, such as Yorkie day as well. I am eager to do something similar in my part of the world, Rogaland, more specifically Stavanger, if possible. Do you have a yorkie and live in Rogaland? Please introduce yourself!!!! Let's do something together with our yorkies now that spring is at the door! Let's create a team! :)

Friday, 5 March 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Being a dog godmother/godfather

I am still so well impressed by the work Julie does in Spain that I always visit her site to see the pictures of the dogs waiting for adoption and read her news. I learned today that one can be a "fadder" (godfather/godmother from a distance as well, by donating a small sum of money once or for a short or long period of time for one of the dogs at her rescue home. I also found news about the people that I understand centralise the contact for the dog adoptions here in Norway, called Team Bergen (text in Norwegian). They also have a group in Facebook.