Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lucy afraid to go down the stairs :)

I had to post one more video of Lucy, this time outside with day light, where it is possible to see her well. Isn't she a cute princess yorkie girl? She is!!!!

Snowy days and Aila

The snow had stopped, but came back and made everything white and difficult to walk on again. Christian tried to clean the Yorkie Backyard a little, so that the dogs do notdive into the snow and come inside again all soaking wet! Birk and Lucy also had Aila visitting today. Lucy gets all submissive and very low profile when Aila is here and Aila is very curios to sniff her :) The slideshow shows a bit of all this I am talking about :)

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Lucy barking :)

Lucy gets real crazy when I give her and Birk one of those small chewable shoes. When Birk manages to take the shoe away from her, she complains a lot! Have a look! :)

Lucy making progress in going on a leash

Two good girls: Julia and Lucy! Julia is doing a good job in training Lucy to go on a leash and today both girls made good progress. Julia used a treat to encourage Lucy to go forward and she managed!! Lucy even ran a little bit and did not seem bothered by the leash anymore. I am happy with the result!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Yorkie training!

Today I saw a video on you tube that really impressed me. Her name is Rosy Craig and she has a lovely yorkie named Beau. In the video he was a puppy of about 3-4 months old (don't know how old he is now) and she did a wonderful job training him. I want to share this video with all of you here for you to see what great potential our yorkies have!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Scrapblogging - First attempt!

This is my first attempt at "scrapblogging". Scrapblogging derives from scrapbooking, which is no more no less than having a photo album and decorating it with bits and pieces of cute things, other than the photos themselves. Normally this was done with real photos and real pieces of decorated paper. Now, however,  the trend has passed on to the virtual world and you can do the same thing with digital pictures and digital decorations. I think it is very cute and I enjoy it dearly. So, today nothing to specially talk about, except the cuteness of my yorkies :)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Shower and coziness :)

Lucy had her second shower today, just after Birk had his. So, both are smelling deliciously good and with a very soft fur! After the shower, some warm and cozy moments... Check it out! (only few pictures)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Teaching Lucy how to walk on a leash

We tried to take Lucy out today walking on a leash. We have been postponing this day because of the extreme cold weather we have been having since we brought Lucy home. She seems to feel really cold outside!! Anyway, not an easy task to get puppies used to the leash. We went through the same with Birk and he masters the walk prefectly now. However, it seems we have to learn it all over again in order to do it with Lucy. It was easier with Birk because we brought him home in the spring time and it was consequently more pleasant to be out.

I saw these two videos today with simple tips on how to get puppies used to the leash and I think it is worth it having a look at them. Video 1 and video 2. Good luck!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Vaccines and travels abroad

Lucy was vaccinated with the second dosage of the parvo vaccine today, at the same time that I took Birk to have his stiches removed at the vet. Next is to vaccinate both of them against rabbies, in case we want to travel abroad with them. Norway is considered a rabbies free country, meaning rabbies no longer exists here. In other words, dogs that stay only in Norway do not need to be vaccinated against it.

However, if we want to travel with our dogs, for example, to Italy, the authorities in Norway demand that the dogs be vaccinated against rabbies and it is a loooong procedure which we must think well in advance. See why:

Day one - First vaccine
4 weeks later - Second vaccine
120 days later - Blood test to check the vaccine really worked

Only after that would we be able travel with the dogs. Additionally, the dog owner must have a passport issued for the dog (by the Vet) like the one below.

To avoid such problems as knowing 6 months in advance if we should start the rabbies vaccination process or not, I think it is much easier to just assume we will travel and have them vaccinated every year. After all, we bought small dogs also to have the "freedom" to take them with us anywhere! (Anywhere being only the EU). We could not take them to Brazil and come back, before having them in quarantine for about 4-6 months to make sure they did not bring the rabbies back to Norway with them.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lucy's Update

I had been concerned by Lucy's appetite, but it seems she is growing fine. See the development in her weight below:

01 jan 1.050
07 jan 1.150
14 jan 1.340

Seems quite okay actually! Also, today she had her first shower! She was quite silent to begin with and complained only a little when I washed her face. All in all, however, I think she quite enjoyed it! I tried to take many pictures, but what a frustration!! I am a bad photographer and do not know how to operate well enough my sony pocket camera... Shame on me, I know!! But at least I managed to salvage a couple of photos just after I had dried her.

How to draw a Yorkie :) Press Play!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Finally getting better!

Friends for ever frame

Birk is getting much better now and beginning to be his real self again. For one whole week he lay on his bed like a real patient, just getting off it when we had to take him out to pee and poo. All the rest of the time he was lying down, as if he knew (maybe he did) he should rest and take it easy. He ate and drank from his bed too!! Now I see him playing with Lucy again and both running again all over the house. Thank God! Lucy has been close to him all the time and whenever possible joined him on his bed and stayed as close as possible. On Monday, January 18th, he will have the stiches removed. Welcome back to us dear Birk!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Broken hearted...

When we bought Birk he was 3 months old. We were very anxious to have a yorkie and it was not easy to find one available nearby or so soon as we wanted. So, when Chris went to fetch him in Oslo and the breeder told  him he had only one testicle, that did not seem important or urgent enough for us. The breeder also told us that the missing testicle might still drop. So, we were happy with that. As time went by, however, and having acquired the dog-owner point of view, I started to research on the matter and everywhere I read about it the same thing was said: male puppies that do not have the two testicles by 12 weeks old, very rarely will have them later. This condition is called Cryptorchidism. In Birk's case, the missing testicle had "disappeared" into his abdomen and the operation (which took place Jan 7th) was more intrusive than we had hoped. So, we brought home a very scared Birk who has been having tough days so far. We feel very sad with all this and hope this phase will go over soon and that we can put it behind us once and for all.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Good Boy (and handsome) Birk!

Birk doing the paw trick (shake hands)

Birk being handsome :)

Here is a cool link that gives tips on how to teach your dog some tricks!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Wordless Saturday

Lucy Sleeping

1.050 grams of sweetness!

Today we weighed Lucy and she is now 1,050grams. I have been concerned about her eating because she hasn't been eating much since we brought her from Denise. This stresses me a little. I know dogs do not starve themselves to death, but she is a puppy and she needs to eat! Last time I weighed her was on Christmas Eve and she was 860 grams. Anyway, today I tested to give her food after soaking it in warm water for 10 minutes. It worked and she showed a great interest in eating. I'll try again later today in her last meal and see what happens :)

Friday, 1 January 2010