Friday, 20 August 2010

What do you want to blog about Lucy?

My yorkies really make my days and... nights! They are so much fun to have around. First of all, they are extremelly cute and I cannot resist them! I need to hug them non stop! Each has its won charm. Birk is adorable, but Lucy, how can I describe this little princess? Recently she has shown interest in my computer screen!
When I go to bed at nights, they pay close attention to all my movements and when I go upstairs they follow me with hopes to be allowed on my bed. When they are clean enough, I let them be with me for a while and they simply love it and relax immediately after jumping into the bed.

What I find extremelly sweet is the way Lucy lies down in a curl format, becoming even smaller than she already is!

 Sweeet dreams Birk!!!

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Sarah said...

Your babies are adorable! :)

I would love to send you samples of my organic Yorkie shampoo and conditioner to try and review on your blog! Shoot me an email!