Saturday, 9 January 2010

Broken hearted...

When we bought Birk he was 3 months old. We were very anxious to have a yorkie and it was not easy to find one available nearby or so soon as we wanted. So, when Chris went to fetch him in Oslo and the breeder told  him he had only one testicle, that did not seem important or urgent enough for us. The breeder also told us that the missing testicle might still drop. So, we were happy with that. As time went by, however, and having acquired the dog-owner point of view, I started to research on the matter and everywhere I read about it the same thing was said: male puppies that do not have the two testicles by 12 weeks old, very rarely will have them later. This condition is called Cryptorchidism. In Birk's case, the missing testicle had "disappeared" into his abdomen and the operation (which took place Jan 7th) was more intrusive than we had hoped. So, we brought home a very scared Birk who has been having tough days so far. We feel very sad with all this and hope this phase will go over soon and that we can put it behind us once and for all.

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dg_gd said...

Hei, Birk ;o)
Everything is gonna be just fine ;o)
Om noen dager føler du deg sikkert bedre ;o)
Estamos aqui torcendo para que você se sinta mais bem disposto o quanto antes!
Beijos, Denise, Arnold e Fiesta.
PS.: We loved the picture with the red blanket! ;o)