Friday, 15 January 2010

Finally getting better!

Friends for ever frame

Birk is getting much better now and beginning to be his real self again. For one whole week he lay on his bed like a real patient, just getting off it when we had to take him out to pee and poo. All the rest of the time he was lying down, as if he knew (maybe he did) he should rest and take it easy. He ate and drank from his bed too!! Now I see him playing with Lucy again and both running again all over the house. Thank God! Lucy has been close to him all the time and whenever possible joined him on his bed and stayed as close as possible. On Monday, January 18th, he will have the stiches removed. Welcome back to us dear Birk!!

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dg_gd said...

Good to hear the news, Birk! ;o)