Monday, 7 December 2009

Birk's favourite toys - Part II

Birk l-o-v-e-s- it when I give him the Kong toy. The Kong toy, as most dog owners will know, is a rubber toy with a small opening in which you can stuff goodies for the dog. The idea is that the dog will spend some time trying to get the goodies out of it, have fun and give the owners some free time :)

At first I was stuffing the Kong with dog goodies and I did not like the idea of having him eat so much of it. Then, a bright idea occurred to me and I started stuffing the Kong with Birk's own dog food. This proved to be extra popular! Now he has lots of fun dropping the Kong from his mouth on the floor and seeing his food spread out . He tries to quickly eat it, just in case any other "interested parties" show up and also want to have a bite. :))

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