Saturday, 20 March 2010

Birk - 4,5kg - too heavy?

I have been trying to find out if my Birk boy is too heavy. We have noticed that after he was castrated his appetite improved considerably. But, some other factors might have influenced.

Since after his operation in January, for example, we have been having a harsh winter, which means no looong walks with him. In December, we bought Lucy and he became very interested in her puppy food (Royal Canine). Now it seems that Lucy's puppy food is the best food on earth and he always manages to eat a little of it everyday. I feed him 60 grams of Royal Canine Junior twice a day. He still eats Junior because he does not like the adult food. He also became one year old last February.

Have a look at the slide show above and tell me what you think? Does he need to go on a diet? :)

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