Sunday, 28 February 2010


I got to know about a very noble lady in Spain called Julie, that is retired and dedicates her life now helping dogs in need, rescuing them. My sister-in-law bought a dog from her. As far as I understand she cooperates with a another lady in Norway (possibly in other places too) who, on behalf of this lady, places ads in, looking for possible buyers. The price charged is used to pay for Vet expenses and the ticket to send the dogs here, so it is a reasonable price. The dogs vary in age and breed.

My heart broke today when I read an ad in for a 5 year old female yorkie called Nanie (shown in the picture)whose former owners decided they could not have her anymore and took her to the Vet to be put to sleep. The Vet, feeling sorry for the Nanie, contacted Julie who took care of her and is now trying to find her a new home. It is a very sad story, I think. I admire Julie's efforts in finding new homes for these dogs and I wanted to make sure I mentioned her here.

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