Sunday, 27 December 2009

Getting better all the time!

We have had nice Christmas holidays and the days have mostly been filled with joys around Birk and Lucy. Birk seems to have fallen in love with her now and she seems to highly enjoy his presence. They play a lot together and chase each other around the house. Sometimes we must tell Birk to slow down a bit when he gets too excited with the playing and  "bites" her a little too hard. But she is the first to cry out stop to him!
When one is quiet, the other comes teasing and vice-versa. :) When she is tired, she just retreats and takes a rather long nap in the cage. Then I close it so she can have peace and quiet.

We weighed her yesterday and it showed she is one kilo now! I must weigh her again to have this confirmed though. She hasn't been a great eater since she came and this is why I felt a bit suprised at an increase of 150 grams in 6 days? Maybe this is possible, though.

She has also been very good "to wait" to pee outside. She doesn't ask to go out, but we take her out at frequent intervals, after sleeping, playing and eating and she does it immediately when out. We have had "accidents", though, with nr.2 :)

As to her nights, she has been sleeping by my side of the bed, in her transport bag. Yesterday she slept non stop from 01:30am to 07:00 o'clock. That was quite an improvement! Below some pictures from the last days.

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