Friday, 2 April 2010

The Cat

We left home to the take the doggies out for a run. Just in front of our house, I asked Chris to take a picture of me and Lucy, to show my new hair cut and colour.
We walked to a nearby fotball field and on the way there was a cute cat, which Lucy got interested in knowing a little more about. Birk was not near them at this point.

At the fotball field, I thought it would be a good idea to have another picture of me taken with both dogs this time. :)

Then, after a while, who comes right into where we were with the dogs? The cat! Birk sees it this time and runs after it! .

Lucy joins Birk in the chase and the cat runs for its life and climbs on the tree to get rid of Birk and Lucy!

Oh, what an adventurous day it has been!!


Marie said...


Gizmo og Lucy er helt like nå! Så moro å se ( hvertfall når pelsen til Gizmo er stelt, nå er den litt så som så ..). Moro med kattejakt :)
Ha en riktig god påske!!
Marie :)

Marie said...

Ja!! Det hadde vært kjempe gøy!
Vi skal til Stavanger for å se " Jungelboken" på Rogaland teater i Juni- Da kunne vi jo kommet innom. Hadde vært kjempe kos!
Hadde vært gøy å ha et søskentreff også!
: )Klem Marie