Friday, 5 February 2010

Yorkie King!

How do yorkies see themselves? I am not sure about all yorkies, but I do know how my male yorkie Birk sees himself...He sees himself as a lion! :) Birk seems to be oblivious of his size and he shows a lot of braveness, edging aggression sometimes! He knows what he wants and when he does not want to be disturbed, he knows pretty well how to make himself understood! He also feels it is his duty to look after the house and every little noise he is there, alert, like a true watchdog!
It is really cute to see such braveness in a small dog! He is our Yorkie King and as a King he rules our hearts! He is also extremely affectionate and loyal and smartly knows how to combine his lion and pussycat nature. What a lovely creature he is. Check out some other pictures of this Lion Yorkie King :)

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dg_gd said...

Here at home is Fiesta the lioness! Cute pictures of Birk!