Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fleas in Norway?

I think most people will have experienced fleas at some point in their lives. It is a horrible thing and it is even worse when the fleas get off the dogs/cats and onto their owner's beds! I can't recall having had a dog in the past which did not have fleas. Maybe this is the case in Brazil, or Rio de Janeiro for that matter. In other words all my 3 previous dogs had fleas, no matter how clean we kept them. One lived in the city and the other two in the country side. Some people used to say the streets of Rio are dirty and this caused the fleas. But the other two were running wild in the forests! When they turned their bellies up, I could normally see the fleas parading...
Here in Norway, however, I have not seen (thank Goodness) any dogs with fleas, neither in my husband's family dogs or mine! I really think this is so amazing, not to say refreshing!!!
Obviously this has something to do with the weather etc, but today I read in a Blog from Sweeden about the seasons when the fleas are most common there: Early summer (bird fleas), late summer (hedgehog fleas ) and autumn(bird fleas and cat fleas). I have done a quick research in the internet trying to find out what the incidence of fleas in Norway is but I could not find any relevant result. What is your experience in Norway/your country? Do you have to live with this plague? Tell me all! :)

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