Monday, 18 January 2010

Vaccines and travels abroad

Lucy was vaccinated with the second dosage of the parvo vaccine today, at the same time that I took Birk to have his stiches removed at the vet. Next is to vaccinate both of them against rabbies, in case we want to travel abroad with them. Norway is considered a rabbies free country, meaning rabbies no longer exists here. In other words, dogs that stay only in Norway do not need to be vaccinated against it.

However, if we want to travel with our dogs, for example, to Italy, the authorities in Norway demand that the dogs be vaccinated against rabbies and it is a loooong procedure which we must think well in advance. See why:

Day one - First vaccine
4 weeks later - Second vaccine
120 days later - Blood test to check the vaccine really worked

Only after that would we be able travel with the dogs. Additionally, the dog owner must have a passport issued for the dog (by the Vet) like the one below.

To avoid such problems as knowing 6 months in advance if we should start the rabbies vaccination process or not, I think it is much easier to just assume we will travel and have them vaccinated every year. After all, we bought small dogs also to have the "freedom" to take them with us anywhere! (Anywhere being only the EU). We could not take them to Brazil and come back, before having them in quarantine for about 4-6 months to make sure they did not bring the rabbies back to Norway with them.

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dg_gd said...

Arnold and Fiesta liked a lot your post! Now they know why they should get vaccinated! ;o)