Saturday, 23 January 2010

Teaching Lucy how to walk on a leash

We tried to take Lucy out today walking on a leash. We have been postponing this day because of the extreme cold weather we have been having since we brought Lucy home. She seems to feel really cold outside!! Anyway, not an easy task to get puppies used to the leash. We went through the same with Birk and he masters the walk prefectly now. However, it seems we have to learn it all over again in order to do it with Lucy. It was easier with Birk because we brought him home in the spring time and it was consequently more pleasant to be out.

I saw these two videos today with simple tips on how to get puppies used to the leash and I think it is worth it having a look at them. Video 1 and video 2. Good luck!

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Marie said...

We have also started the leash training. To day was the second day that I could say it went well. He does not bite on it any longer, but he stops when he remember he has it on. He has runned twice and that i so much fun! We are going to start on a aguility course for kids and dogs in the spring, cant wait! Lucy is adorable!! It looks like she has a little bitt shorter hair than Gizmo. Going to take an outdoor pic to morrow so you can se the difference.The biggest challenge is to not have him loose in the car. He is afraid of driving or a little bit carseek.. Hope its getting better by the time. Have a nice weekend!
Hug from the Gizmo`s ;)